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At its core, Strike Farms is an organic vegetable farm, using sustainable farming practices to grow the finest quality vegetables in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains. But the scope of Dylan Strike’s vision is much larger than that. 

Strike Farms is community: cultivating connections between land and people through local food production.

Strike Farms is a family: hard-working individuals earning a livable wage, cracking solid jokes in the fields, and working together to normalize local food.

Strike Farms is activism: preserving the rich soil of the Gallatin Valley, minimizing our ecological footprint, teaching the community about growing organic vegetables, and ensuring access to healthy food for future generations of Bozeman residents.

Strike Farms is passion: passion for the land, passion for the people, passion for making local, organic food accessible to all. 

At Strike Farms, we believe in using what we know best (vegetables) to build community. Our Workshops and Guided Farm Tours are educational pieces of our year-round programming, supporting community members to grow their own food and increasing transparency in the food system.  Our U-Pick Flower Garden, Market Days, and Spring Plant Sale offer opportunities to meet our farmers and other people in the community. Strike Farms grows for our community and with our community. We are committed to supporting other local businesses and organizations, and our list of partners continues to grow as we do.

Throughout time and across cultures, food is what brings people together. With approximately 300,000 pounds of produce sold in 2017 at Strike Farms (which we project to nearly double in 2018), we are proud that hundreds of people in our community come to their dinner table year-round to enjoy fresh produce that started as a small seed in our soil. 

And the future of Strike Farms is bright. While corporate agriculture hides their practices in the shadows, we embrace people visiting our farm and witnessing our practices for themselves. While Bozeman grows by the thousands, we preserve and utilize spaces for the farming that built our valley. And while so much in our current culture tries to divide us, we are building a community that comes together for one thing we can all agree on: the critical need for a healthy and sustainable food system for our families.