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November 20th: T - H -A - N - K - F - U - L

By taking a short pause while reading this email, you will notice that farming is all around us. From our morning coffee to the clothes that we wear to our afternoon protein snacks, we are constantly surrounded by the products farmers grow.

From jeans to t-shirts, your closet is full of cotton apparel. Arizona cotton farms produce enough top-grade cotton annually to make one pair of jeans for every single American. (Source: Arizona Farm Bureau)

And don’t forget to thank sheep farmers for your cozy wool sweaters and scarves; today’s modern wool garments are comfortable and easy to maintain, making them a closet staple.

Soybeans are an important ingredient for the production of crayons. In fact, one acre of soybeans can produce 82,358 crayons. (Source: Farmers Feed Us)

In addition to products that surround us, food fuels the human body. Some bodies choose to fuel with local, organic foods, other bodies choose to fuel with "fast" foods. Whatever food is the fuel fuel, we need it to survive and at some point a farmer was involved.

I've been involved in the farm world for eight years now and each year I become overwhelmingly more thankful. The depth and breadth of my thankfulness grows as I become more aware of how hard farmers work to provide humans with the basic building block of life. Here are some more fun facts from The Osage County Herald Chronicle:

  • The average American farmer feeds 155 people each year.
  • In 2011, nearly 75 percent of farmers reported spending 10 hours or more a day on farm work.
  • Farming employs more than 24 million American workers which is 17 percent of the total work force.

Here at Strike Farms we are grateful for you the people who see the importance of small scale agriculture and choose to invest in our farm. We are appreciative of our crew who dedicate their lives to providing vegetables for our community no matter what cards Mother Nature deals. We are thankful for Dylan who is the captain of this ship, called Strike Farms. Dylan's organization, motivation, brain power and commitment to bettering the community is unprecedented and is recognized state-wide.

Happy Thanksgiving!

<3 The Strike Farms Crew <3

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