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What the heck are those bins pictured above? Those are the durable pallet bins that carrots were harvested into this fall. These empty bins represent how many carrots we've washed to date.

Carrot washing is a full-time job for our crew. Each bin weighs about 900 pounds before washing. We've tweaked and improved our washing system so that we can wash between 6 and 8 pallet bins each week. Even with the tweaks, Dylan is constantly brainstorming and researching ways to wash more efficiently and to make the process easier on the crew. So far, efficient line set up and pallet jacks have improved our system drastically.

Needless to say we have a lot of carrots at Strike Farms! What's amazing is that we are selling as many carrots as were washing. Montana really likes local carrots and for that we are very thankful. 

We do have a stock pile of number two carrots for sale. Same great taste, but without the standard shape. Do you know of a school or an institution that would be interested in number two carrots? Please let me know here.