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Week 8, Winter 2016

Good morning and welcome to winter, for real this time. Hope you all got to get out and play in the powder this weekend or curl up with a hot mug of something and enjoy the warmth of your home.
Our germination chamber is finally functional so this week you all will be receiving either radish or pea shoot greens along with the following:
1/2 # Asian Greens: tatsoi and mizuna
2# Potatoes (a medley)
Pickled Jalapeños
1# Black Spanish Radishes
2# Carrots
Yellow Onions

Week 7, 2016

Good morning! Can you believe that we are already half way through the winter share? My how time flies. For week 7 you will get:
1/2# Spinach
1# Golden Beets
Pickled Banana Peppers
Winter Squash (should be gold nugget but might be a mixture again)
2# Carrots
2# Potatoes
Yellow Onions

Week 6, Winter 2016

Good morning everyone! 

Hope you had a lovely time celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know I did. I'm very thankful that I was able to head out into the desert for a week and play! So thanks Dylan for holding down the fort while I was gone. That being said, I know a lot of us were out and about for the holidays so if you missed a share it looks like I still have 5 or 6 boxes left. Please let me know if you missed a box and I will bring it to the pick up tonight. 

Week 5, Winter 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! This season we are feeling very grateful for all of our CSA members and other community members that have supported the farm for the last three years. It is really amazing how far we've come with your support in such a short amount of time. Our first summer we had less than 40 CSA shares, and now we have 125 winter shares alone, in addition to year round farmers' market and grocery store sales! Some of you may have heard, but we are in the middle of obtaining financing to buy a 10 acre property just 2.5 miles down the road from the current farm location.

Week 4, Winter 2016

Hi all, Thanksgiving is right around the corner so now is a great time to start experimenting with some new holiday dishes. We'll keep the winter veggies coming so you can stock pile them for a fall feast with family and friends. 

This week we'll have:
1/2# of Baby Spinach
Jester Winter Squash
2# of Fingerling Potatoes
2# of Carrots
1# of Red Beets
1# of Purple Daikon Radishes

Week 3, Winter 2016

Hey all, 

Hope you're enjoying the weirdly warm weather that November has had to offer so far. I know we are. It's been great to get in all of our last minute clean up and planting in the sunshine. 

For this week's share you'll get:
Kossac Kohlrabi
Baby Bok Choy
Spaghetti Squash
Red onion
Garlic cloves
Napa Cabbage
1 # Carrots
1# Purple Top Turnips
1# Daikon Radish
1 bunch Red Radishes

Week 2, Winter 2016

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 2! We hope you enjoyed your first vegetable share. There are still 15-20 spots left in the share so if you know someone who still wants to sign up send them our way! For this week's share you'll get: 

Acorn Squash
1 # of gorgeous Watermelon Radishes
2# Yukon Gold Potatoes
1# Red Beets
4 oz Braising Mix
4 oz Baby Kale
2# Carrots

Sorry for the redundancy with the baby kale but we wanted to get one more in before it's all gone and we're onto spinach and arugula. Enjoy!

Week 1, Winter 2016

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Strike Farms 2016 Winter Vegetable Share! We want to sincerely thank you for choosing to support our farm and the local economy this winter. We hope you enjoy eating our organic produce and can't wait to share news and recipes with you. 

Week 20, Fall 2016

Good morning veggie share folks, 

Today marks the last day of our summer/fall vegetable share. A big thanks to all of you for investing in our farm this season! We truly hope that you enjoyed the experience and hope you'll return for many seasons to come.
We always appreciate feed back so please feel free to shoot me a message with questions, comments or concerns. 

For you last week of veggies here's what we've got:
Baby Kale
Russet Potatoes
Red Ace Beets
Mixed Bell Peppers
Red Radishes
Napa Cabbage

Week 19, Winter 2016

Just in time for winter we've got some summer and fall veggies to share with you. This week you'll get:
Red Bell Peppers
Italian Eggplant
Watermelon Radishes
Yellow Onions
Carnival Winter Squash
Mint (not pictured)
Golden Potatoes (it's hash brown time)


I've been hoarding my carrots for quite some time now, especially the goofy looking ones. If you've been doing the same here's another great recipe for a minty fresh and slightly spicy carrot salad: