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Local Food Access Fund

Started in 2019, the Strike Farms Local Food Access Fund was created in order to further our mission of normalizing local food; specifically making local food accessible to everyone in our communities. We have been donating food to our non-profit partners since year 1, but we know that if we come together as a community we can do so much more to address the serious food access and food security challenges that our rural region faces. We firmly believe that food and health is a human right and shouldn’t be determined by privilege and wealth and have committed to donating 50% of Strike Farm's net profit from 2019 directly to our non-profit partners. Will you join us in lending a helping hand?! 

How it works

  • We partner directly with non-profits in the communities we serve to set up a restricted fund for them to recieve donations given specifically to allow them to have a local food budget to purchase through Strike Farms.

  • The non-profit then can spend their funds through our wholesale and retail channels just like every other wholesale account and individual customer we work with. This allows everyone utilizing any food security non-profit's services to get the same high quality grade A produce that we're known for; not just seconds and items that are past their prime.
  • The non-profit will send a charitable contribution receipt to you so that you can write off your donation at tax time next year!


Click here to donate today!

Please spread the word to your whole network far and wide! If we could each get everyone(or even just some) of our national/international network to donate just $5 imagine the change we could create together. If you run a non-profit and want to get set up to recieve donations please email [email protected] and we'll get it going!